Home Accessory Magnetic Dimmable LED Power Supply (12VDC, 60 Watt)
  • Magnetic Dimmable LED Power Supply (12VDC, 60 Watt)


    Connecter Input 120V AC 60Hz
    Connecter Output 12V DC (input:120VAC: 11.8VDC, input: 120VAC w/ boost tap: 12.8VDC)
    Dimensions H:6.06 x W: 2.59 x D:2.20″
    Protection Rating UL listed (E194005)


    Dimmable LED Power Supply allows you the flexibility to dim your LED fixtures using wall dimmers.
    Dimmable LED Power Supply is ideal for retrofit and new installs and can be used with most LED strip lights, LED rope lights, LED accent lights, LED MR16 replacements, and many types of LED signage that accept 12V DC.

    Warning: You must use a compatible dimmer switch for dimming!

    LED Power Supply Transformers are used in a wide variety of applications. Some of the more common applications include: LED strip lights, LED Rope Lights, LED Street Lights, LED MR16 Replacement Lights, LED backlit signs, and others.


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