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  • LED BAY (100 Watt)

    $340.00 $220.00

    Lumens: 8,093lm
    Max. Wattage:
    84 Watt max.
    Lumens per Watt: 88lm / Watt
    Voltage input: 100~277VAC 50/60Hz (Other voltages available on request.)
    Lifespan (calculated L70): 113,000 hours
    LED chip: LumiLEDS MZ chip
    Color temperature: 5000K (Other color temperatures available by special order)
    Warranty: 5 years

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    The 100 Watt LED Bay offers huge savings over 150 Watt HID high bays, with a rated lifetime of 113,000 hours. Made in the USA. Mid-low bay reflector options available.

    • The LED Bays are on the DesignLights Consortium® Qualified Products List (DLC QPL)
    • Comes with 5 year warranty
    • This product may be eligible for rebates, tax exemptions, and other rewards
    • LED Bay lights are LED Lighting Facts® products

    The LED Bay is a longer-lasting replacement for the HID high bays typically used in industrial buildings. Two modes of passive cooling – mounted directly to the LED board – work together to stretch the operating life of each unit to +50,000 hours (versus HID average 15,000 hours).
    This streamlined construction also makes the LED Bay a particularly versatile, cost-effective replacement wherever HID lighting is typically installed. Multiple reflector beam options allow the LED Bay to be used as a high bay or low bay.

    Two-Tiered Thermal Management
    Since overheating is the main cause of premature electronic failure, thermal management is essential to the longevity of any LED light. Our LED high bay relies on two passive cooling systems: Mounted directly to the LED board are a series of highly conductive copper tubes. These lead to a lightweight aluminum heat sink which features compressed fins to provide optimal airflow away from the electronics.

    Aluminum Reflector
    The LED Bay comes standard with a 90 degree multi-faceted aluminum reflector, designed to prevent light leakage, multiply the lumen output of the LEDs and maximize the efficiency of each unit. 60 or 110 degree reflectors, or optional plastic diffuser lens, available by special order.

    Designed specifically for industrial, high-lumen applications, this LED is heat tested at 85 ̊ to ensure outstanding efficacy and flux beyond real-world operating temperatures. The LUXEON MZ is part of Philips Lumileds’ “Freedom from Binning” program, noted for outstanding chip-to-chip consistency in light color and intensity.


    • May be used as a high bay or a low bay
    • Energy and maintenance savings
    • Eliminates the relamping cycle through 113,000 hours to L70
    • Made in the USA
    • Backed by LED Waves’ 5-year warranty


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