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  • EZ40 LED Wall Pack

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    Light Output: 4,589 lumens (3,364 lumens with cut-off hood)
    Wattage: 44 Watts
    Efficacy: 106 lumens per Watt (77lm / Watt with cut-off hood)
    LED Chip: Lumileds Luxeon 1208 COB
    Color Temperature: Cool White 5,000 Kelvins (Other color temperatures available by special order)
    Input Voltage: 100~277VAC
    Certification:  DLC Qualified (120V version with cut-off hood)
    Dimensions: With hood: W14″ x H9″1/4 x D7″3/8, Without hood: W14″ x H9″1/4 x D14″
    Warranty: 5 years


    A 44 Watt LED replacement for 150 Watt HID wall packs typically used for parking or outdoor security lighting, the EZ40 lasts over 100,000 hours at 106 lumens per Watt. Each unit is ETL and DLC listed and made in the USA for the quality assured by our 5 year warranty.

    The LED EZ40 is an all-in-one replacement for wall packs on building exteriors. Typical wall pack fixtures have an E40 mogul base which traditionally holds a High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb.
    HID is an outdated lighting technology that is notorious for low reliability, poor color quality and rapid lumen depreciation. And typical LED E40 replacement bulbs fare no better: Designed without considering the enclosing wall pack fixture, the LEDs and driver fail prematurely due to the trapped heat.

    That is why the EZ40 wall pack is retrofitted with an LED light source with a wide, heat-dissipating plate instead of an E40 screw base: With this expanded point of contact, the LED EZ40 promises – and actually delivers – over 50,000 maintenance-free hours of bright, high quality light.



    • Approved by the DesignLights Consortium® Qualified Products List (DLC QPL, 120V version with cut-off hood option only.)
    • Strong, focused floodlight increases safety & nighttime visibility
    • Designed, assembled, and quality control tested in the USA
    • 5 year warranty


    • Features new Lumileds Luxeon LED
    • Includes cut-off hood attachment (optional)
    • Sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and door frame (rated IP65)
    • Heatproof silicon gaskets seal against moisture and contaminants
    • Anodized aluminum interior creates mirror-like reflection of rear-facing LEDs
    • Borosilicate prismatic glass refracts light into uniform, glare-free distribution


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